Wikipedia Academy: Research and Free Knowledge.
June 29 - July 1 2012, Berlin.

Topics of Interest

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Research on Users of and Contributors to Wikipedia

  • Diversity among users of and contributors to Wikipedia (e.g. Gendergap)
  • Influencing participation by adapting user interfaces in open collaborative settings
  • Using information visualization as information instrument to users and contributors

Wikipedia Global

  • Relations and Differences between different Wikipedia language versions
  • Differences between and critique of free/open knowledge ideologies
  • Regional studies of Wikipedia and free knowledge with global lessons

Sharing Cultures and Practices

  • Sharing culture(s) in Wikipedia and other projects of commons-based peer production
  • Incentives, innovation and community dynamics in open collaborative peer production
  • Wiki theory and wiki practices

Economic and Regulatory Aspects of Free Knowledge

  • Economic, regulatory and societal implications of (increased) access to free knowledge
  • Different Modes of Governance: Emergence of Order and Coordination in Wikipedia
  • The role of licensing decisions for Wikipedia and other collaborative forms of knowledge production

Wikipedia Analytics

  • Wikis and Wikipedia as a research tool
  • Analyzing Wikipedia as a source of "Big Data"
  • Assessing and measuring the quality of Wikipedia articles