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June 29 - July 1 2012, Berlin.

Accepted Submissions

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Research papers

  • Ulrike Höppner: How collaboration changes knowledge - Re-considering knowledge and power
  • Sylvana Kroop: How Students Judge The Excellence Of Wikipedia Articles
  • Talya Ponchek: Creating Access to Free Scientific Knowledge by Establishing a Collaborative Research Common
  • Melanie Dulong de Rosnay and Beatriz Busaniche: Comparative public policy for open access to public domain works
  • Juliana Bastos Marques: Starting the Brazilian Wikipedia Education Program: educational and community specifics
  • Vojtěch Dostál: Czech Ambassador Program: key differences and lessons learned
  • Thomas Petzold: Geo-linguistic Bursts: The Hidden Pattern Behind Wikipedia’s globally distributed, yet locally specific knowledge distribution
  • Vera de Kok: Can the gender gap on Wikipedia be closed?
  • Balazs Bodo: Social control and self governance in file-sharing communities: The Constitution of Pirate Republics