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Personal data is only collected on this website in case it is technically required. On no account will the collected personal data be sold or transferred for use to third parties.

The following paragraph gives an overview of the data collected for the purposes of this website.

Log-Files: When using this website the data transferred from your browser to the server will be gathered and stored.

Usually this includes information on the type and version of the browser being used, the operating system in use, the referring URL (meaning the website from where you got to this website), the host name of the accessing computer (IP address) as well as the time of the server request. Normally this kind of data cannot be associated with specific persons, thus it cannot be associated with you either. We will neither perform a data synchronization with other data in order to accomplish such a purpose nor will we amalgamate the data with other data. All data will be deleted on a regular basis after it has been statistically evaluated.

Cookies: This website uses cookies in various places. Cookies are pieces of text stored on a user’s computer by their web browser and serve the purpose to simplify the use of a website, make it more effective, and safer as well. Cookies do not cause any damage to your computer, take up a minimal amount of storage space and do not contain any viruses.